About Us


The mission of Cultural Canvas Thailand is to generate awareness and volunteer support of the current social issues facing Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

We promote equality, community interaction, and social change through artistic outreach and volunteer services in conjunction with local organizations. CCT and our partner organizations focus on education and assistance in the following areas: HIV/AIDS, refugees, impoverished ethnic minorities, and sex workers. Cultural Canvas Thailand is a nonprofit organization with no government or religious affiliation

The Staff

Cultural Canvas Thailand has a small (but mighty) staff team. Click here to learn more about our highly dedicated staff team.


Old Man

It all started with the desire to make a difference in the Chiang Mai community.

Through research and discussion, the plan for Cultural Canvas Thailand was formulated and developed. The Cultural Canvas team connected with numerous organizations in Chiang Mai that make a difference in the lives of thousands of people, empowering, assisting and educating them. For all of these organizations, one thing held true: the need for service, supplies and international outreach.

For Cultural Canvas Thailand, the mission became clear: to support local organizations in their humanitarian missions through international volunteer support and donations, while providing volunteers with valuable service-learning experiences.

Two Boys


The Projects

Boy at the Wat

Cultural Canvas Thailand believes that in order to be effective, the direction of our projects must come from the Chiang Mai community. In an effort to address Chiang Mai’s needs, networking with established organizations and continuous research are priorities for our organization. While we go to great lengths to ensure that the experience of each volunteer is unique, educational, and rewarding, our central focus lies in the projects themselves and the important issues therein. Whether it is project strategies and goals or the costs and funds associated with them, it is our commitment to act as ethically as possible and to exercise responsible judgment in everything we do.

You; The Volunteer

International volunteerism is a key element of Cultural Canvas Thailand’s operations. As an international volunteer, you bring different experiences, fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table.  You are given the opportunity to live and work along side other internationally like-minded peers while also interacting with the local Thai populations that an average tourist or visitor would never encounter, let alone develop a special relationship.  Additionally, the knowledge that you gain from from your volunteer experience helps to promote awareness of Cultural Canvas Thailand's focus issues and thus broader issues within Chiang Mai, Thailand and the international world in general. This, in turn, creates a larger network of support and information exchange and cross-cultural exchange that is central to the success of our projects.