Children's Home / Child Care Centre

How is the Organization involved with the community?

The children’s center is part of a well established organization focused on protecting, assisting, and taking care of children’s rights, and providing less-fortunate children welfare, health care, and basic education.

Many children involved with the program are orphans, destitute children, children living in slums and children facing all kinds of difficult situations. Others are children of inmates at the local prison, who spend their nights alongside their mothers or fathers in prison. The main objective of the program is to provide more opportunities to prevent children from being lured into the market as cheap laborers, sex workers, or beggars in a desperate attempt to escape poverty.

The organization has several programs across Phuket working toward the protection of the children and youth. It has succeeded in providing legal assistance, scholarship programs, as well as much needed nutrition, health care, welfare, and education.

Background to the project and its aims?

This project began when the prison director asked a well-established organization working in children's welfare to help provide the young children of inmates a safe place to go during the day before returning to spend the night with their mothers in prison.

The aim of this project is to provide a day-time shelter, proper care, healthy food, medical treatment, and a pre-school education to young children whose parents or guardians are inmates and cannot provide day-care for their children. The center also extends itself to needy children coming from nearby construction sites and to poor families in slum areas where additional facilities and resources are not available, providing much needed nutrition to the young children, as well as educational grants for when the children reach school age. The center also provides much needed nutrition to the young children, as well as educational grants for when the children reach school age.

A home is open 24 hours for abused children or children who need emergency help, shelter, food, clothes and rehabilitation. The project is constantly looking for funds to provide more 24 hour staff support to protect the welfare of the children.

What are the daily volunteer activities in the project?

The children’s center and home assists between 40-60 children at any given time, focusing on child health care, oral hygiene, nutrition, and skill development, all delivered by experienced teachers, nutritionists, and volunteers. Volunteers may attend local day trips organized for the children.

Volunteers help with all activities, from a fun easy English lesson, to skill development, to assisting with feeding and cleaning. Children are encouraged to be creative and confident, rather than potentially sinking into the background due to the difficulties of their situation. At times volunteers may go into the local community with staff delivering supplies (like diapers, milk powder, etc.) and educating locals on the needs and necessities of nutrition and health of young children.

Quick facts about the trip:

  • Project duration: 3 weeks minimum
  • Project Location: Phuket, Thailand
  • Airport of arrival: Phuket (HKT)
  • Activities: Assisting with daily activities at a children's home for homeless children, orphans, and children in difficult situations.
  • Working hours: Monday – Friday, 9-3pm
  • Accommodation: With a host family.
  • Requirements: Criminal background check or record. Fluency in English or Thai.

What's included:

  • Accommodation: With a host family. The house includes clean, shared rooms (with fans) and bathrooms with hot showers. Wireless internet and utilities are included.
  • Meals: Three meals per day.
  • Airport pickup: Upon arrival only.
  • Daily transfers: Between the accommodation and project site.
  • Pre-departure Orientation and Onsite Training: Volunteers receive a comprehensive workshop on being a volunteer in the project, safety and security in the destination country, culture shock, and pre-departure preparations.
  • Support: 24/7 during your volunteering time.
  • Additional activities: Cultural tour around the island.

What's not included:

  • Flights, visas, insurance

    Rates and Start Dates:

  • Program Duration

    Cost (USD)

    3 weeks


    4 weeks


    8 weeks


    12 weeks


    16 weeks


    20 weeks


    24 weeks


    Additional weeks

    296.00 per week