Education, Advocacy and Social Marketing Internship with Urban Light

Internship role

Reporting to the Urban Light Thailand Director, the Urban Light Intern will have a pivotal role in assisting the organization reaching their goals in terms of client services and advocacy through workshops, teaching English, and managing social media. Education, advocacy, and increasing awareness will be the main duties. Additionally, arranging a fundraiser will be required once a need has been chosen that the intern feels most passionate about.

English and Other Life Skills Workshops

  • Teach a minimum of three 45-60 minute English classes per week. In addition to these classes, smaller or private lessons may be required as needed
  • Identify a book set and curriculum for purchase and use within the organization
  • Record keeping of lesson plans and client attendance
  • Be creative, practical, and engaging in delivering lesson plans
  • Ability in the use of visuals  and other creative medians in order to keep learning fun and interactive and to combat language barriers

Social Media

  • Update Urban Light’s social media a minimum of one time every 24 hours
  • Seek to increase the organizations followers, thus, increasing awareness about male sexual exploitation and trafficking
  • Be a consistent advocate on behalf of our clients by researching the latest articles in this field and posting them
  • Network with different media outlets in hopes of getting Urban Light published and spreading the word
  • *Please note that all posts and communications must be approved by the Director first per child protection policies


  • Create, implement, and manage one fundraiser, of your choice that meets current organizational needs, every six months


  • Initiate, develop and maintain positive relationships with client youth and work with other Urban Light Youth Center staff to collectively address their needs
  • Assist and support the Social Worker and Case Manager in completing educational needs assessments/short surveys and designing activities that are in accordance with the client’s needs and any other task needed for the development and success of our clients
  • Assist Social Worker and Case Manager with workshop activities and programming, including organizing, co-delivering and/or participating in informative and engaging activities for the client youth who attend the Urban Light Youth Center (e.g. in areas such as and not limited to, health, fitness, smoking, drugs, relationships, bullying, life-skills, sex-education, arts-based activities, community projects, outdoor education and sporting activities etc.)
  • Maintain client youth attendance sheet records to track attendance statistics and workshop progress reports
  • Perform other tasks as required

The Volunteer will be expected to:

  • Contribute to the development of reports as required by the Director including but not limited to client youth attendance records, English progress reports and any other reports as required by life skills workshops
  • Build and maintain a working knowledge of current trends and developments related to human trafficking, child slavery, commercial sexual exploitation and youth development
  • Adhere to the Child Protection Policy, related Health and Safety practices and all Urban Light Policies and Code of Conduct


  • Must be fluent in written and spoken English language. Being eager, willing, and intentional with learning Thai once on the ground will greatly benefit the applicant
  • A B.A or higher in either education, communications or marketing. Priority will be given to applicant’s who hold a teaching qualification, such as a TOFEL, if they did not graduate with a degree in education
  • Criminal History Check, Working With Children Check OR Police Clearance from their country of residence
  • Experience in teaching and writing preferred
  • Possess some experience in working with at-risk youth and vulnerable populations
  • Able to quickly form positive relationships with youth
  • Communication (written and verbal), listening and questioning skills
  • Time management and ability to multi-task
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship building and networking skills
  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the use of Google Drive
  • A background in photography, film making, or graphic design


  • Understanding and respect of the complexity of sexual trauma and abuse
  • Awareness of human slavery and child trafficking as it relates in particular to young males
  • Sensitivity of client differences in culture, ethnicity, and language
  • Understanding of ESL learners’ classroom environments and dynamics

Attributes and Behaviors:

  • Compassionate and culturally sensitive
  • Ability to work under emotionally charged conditions and in difficult situations with sensitivity and respect
  • Passionate advocate for vulnerable persons
  • Identify areas for self-improvement, pursue necessary education and training, and seek appropriate supervision
  • Flexible and adaptable in a very unpredictable environments
  • Ability to self-start and take initiative when experiencing down time
  • Experience in cross-cultural and linguistically challenging environments and not getting frustrated by them, including the perpetual language barriers

Minimum Duration: 6 months, full-time (Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm). Priority will be given to volunteers who can stay longer.

The Program Fee Includes: Registration fees, donation to the host organization, pre-trip orientation materials, travel health insurance, in-country orientation and city tour, in-country transportation to and from placement, accommodation, food, Thai language training, in-country staff support, and 24-hour emergency assistance.

Donation to Host Organization:
If you are accepted as a volunteer by one of our partner organizations, $100 from the program fee is contributed toward your project.

Pre-trip Orientation:
Upon receiving your application and deposit, we will send to you the CCT Orientation Kit, containing all the necessary paperwork to entirely prepare you for your trip.
The orientation kit includes information on the issue pertaining to your project. It also includes a recommended reading list and information on Thailand, culture and customs.

In-country Orientation:
Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, whether by bus, plane or train, a Cultural Canvas Thailand staff member will be waiting to transport you to the Cultural Canvas Thailand headquarters where you will have an orientation. This will prepare you further for your chosen project and give you a chance to meet our staff and other volunteers. Wad, our In-Country Director, will make sure that you have a grasp on Chiang Mai by taking you around the city and helping you to get acquainted with Thai culture and the Home-Base.

Thai Language Training:
Cultural Canvas Thailand provides three hours of Thai language training in the first week of your volunteer placement. If you would like to study further, you can arrange to do so with our Thai teacher. Additional hours are not covered the by CCT program fee.

You will be housed in the Cultural Canvas Thailand home-base conveniently located near the old city center. Here all of your basic needs are taken care of, including lodgings, meals, telephone and transportation. The home-base is located in a safe, conveniently situated neighborhood. It is a clean Thai-style accommodation with shared occupancy rooms.

Our in-house cook will provide two delicious, home-cooked Thai meals per day six days per week. A light breakfast is always available with cereal, fruit, toast, coffee, and tea. On Sundays, volunteers can cook for themselves at the Home-Base or grab a bite to eat in one of the many near-by markets or restaurants. Please let us know any specific dietary restrictions in advance so that all of your needs can be taken care of.

Upon arrival and departure, Cultural Canvas Thailand will provide transportation between the CCT volunteer house and the airport, train station, bus station, etc. Cultural Canvas also provides daily transportation to and from your placement.

Support and Safety:
The Cultural Canvas Thailand home-base is in a secure location with staff available 24-hours a day. Here you can receive international calls and internet access is within walking distance.
In case of emergency, friends and family can call the home-base or use our convenient U.S. 24-hour hotline.
In case of injury you will be admitted to one of Chiang Mai’s high-quality, private hospitals.
We provide comprehensive medical insurance and emergency evacuation assistance.

Application Process:
Are you up to the task? Then complete the online application form. Use our secure online payment process to make your $300 deposit.
The application and deposit should be received 90 days prior to the commencement of your chosen project. For late applications, please inquire regarding availability, as exceptions can be made.
Full payment must be received 30 days prior to the commencement of your project in order to allow us enough time to provide you with the proper insurance and project placement.