Cultural Canvas Thailand also offers internship positions in local non profit organizations.  Most organizations can only take one to two interns so these positions are limited. Click on the organization’s name to learn more about our current internship positions:

  • Art Relief International - the artistic outreach program created by Cultural Canvas Thailand. Work creatively with a variety of minority groups, including Burmese refugees, children and adults with disabilities, the MSM and LGBTQ community, amongst many. As well as the volunteer program, ARI also offers an Arts Administration Internship and a Theatre Outreach Internship. For more information on each of these programs click on the above link.
  • Urban Light’s - mission is to improve the lives of boys at-risk of exploitation and trafficking by fostering personal development, increasing access to services, and creating a safe and nurturing environment to restore and empower them to grow and seek new opportunities by helping them to create a life free of sexual exploitation.
  • Thai Freedom House – an organization/school that provides education and support to Burmese refugees and indigenous peoples. The school provides a diverse and exciting educational program to children and adults who reside in construction camps in Chiang Mai. As well as the volunteer program, Thai Freedom House is also seeking interns in a variety of roles (see links at the bottom of this page).
  • Wildflower Home Foundation – an organization that accepts single women in desperate situations and moves them toward self sufficiency. The women learn their own value and develop self confidence. They are taught to see their situations in new ways, encouraged to solve their own problems, and strengthened to shape their own destinies. The women are taught to properly care for and support their children in such a way that will have a long term effect on their futures. As well as the volunteer program, the Wildflower Home Foundation is also seeking income generation interns (see links at the bottom of this page).

Internship opportunities include: